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About Our Dogs



My name is Belle and I am a princess. I am a three-year old Golden Retriever and an active psychiatric service dog for one of our founding members. I perform tasks such as brace, break hands and sense when there is a need for deep pressure therapy. I can sense when a panic attack or dizzy spell is approaching and alert my handler to leverage the resources needed to manage the situation. I am learning touch so I can open doors using ADA accessibility features. 

When I am not wearing my vest and working, I enjoy long walks and running in my yard with my doggie siblings and participating in dog shows. I have my Canine Good Citizen title and hold National, International and Honors Champion status with IABCA. Some might think my proudest moment is winning Best in Show at an IABCA dog show, but in reality, it was when I alerted my handler’s parent to a crisis situation that needed her intervention. 

I love tennis balls and they have been used as part of my training to ensure I am not going to be distracted when serving my handler. Did I mention I love tennis balls? I have been known to fall asleep with a ball in my mouth! 



My name is Buddy. I am a mix of Border Collie and Flat Coat Retriever. My people say that I am 12 years old, but I act more like a teenager! 

I am a retired service dog experienced in performing tasks such as brace and deep pressure therapy. I earned the AKC title Canine Good Citizen. Because I like interacting with people so much, my owners decided it was best for me to change careers and become a therapy dog. I am so happy in this role with Canines 4 Comfort!

I like to go for long walks and car rides. I enjoying boating and swimming. I LOVE to chase a ball or Frisbee, but my favorite thing is going to “work” at the nursing home and the Counseling Center to visit my fans. I will be your best friend if you rub my belly.

I live at home with my golden retriever sister (Belle), two cats and four humans. I enjoy making friends. I am happiest when I meet someone new and they offer to pet me.



My name is Bama and came to Canines 4 Comfort by way of Roll Over Animal Rescue (ROAR). I am a Lab-Catahoula mix. I’ve been told I’m a very sweet puppy. I love to play with my other dog friends, including my littermate Ella (I’ll bet you didn’t know we were related!) My favorite day of the week is Friday when we all meet for training. I have successfully completed two rounds of obedience training and eagerly attending my next level. 

I live with a Canines 4 Comfort puppy raiser and have beautiful older sister/pup who is teaching me patience. I am so proud to be a service dog in training. I enjoy visiting my friends at the nursing home and am so patient while the residents pet me. 

I am excited to to share that I met the young person I will be serving! Stay tuned for more updates as our relationship grows. 



My name is Dioge (D-O-G), Deej for short! I am a three-year old German Shepherd and enjoy my role as a therapy dog. I passed my Canine Good Citizen evaluation with flying colors and fancy going to nursing homes to hang out with the residents and collect pets. I also have championship status with IABCA and UKC. Contrary to what some people might think of my breed, I have a gentle disposition and adore giving hugs to my people friends. 

I am owned by one the founders of Canines 4 Comfort and live with my German Shepherd siblings, Zora and Juno. I love to play Frisbee and chase a ball. But mostly I love my mama. 



My name is Edy. I’m a five-year old German Shepherd and mother to Salty, a Canines 4 Comfort service dog in training. I am an exceptional mother and great couch companion. I enjoy my work as a therapy dog, and have a tendency to make sure the younger dogs behave appropriately (it’s the mom in me!). 

I am always entertained with a game of fetch or romp in the snow. But I adore my puppies more than anything! I am expertly trained in obedience and have secured my Canine Good Citizen title and have International Champion status with IABCA, and hold AKC and UKC titles too! I have a fondness of the show ring, but especially love an occasional Edy’s Ice Cream treat! I cherish the time spent with my owner, one of the founders of Canines 4 Comfort. 

I live with my German Shepherd siblings, Xena and Yowza. I enjoy sharing my expertise with the other Canines 4 Comfort pack. It makes me so proud to see the good work they are doing. 



My name is Ella and came to Canines 4 Comfort by way of Roll Over Animal Rescue (ROAR). I am a Catahoula mix, although I’ve been told I’m part rubber because I tolerate most anything. I have a very sweet disposition. I love to play with my other dog friends, including my litter-mate Bama (I’ll bet you didn’t think we were related!). I love it when we get together for Canines 4 Comfort play dates! I have successfully completed two rounds of obedience training and am super attentive in my intermediate class. I’ve heard they are thinking of enrolling me in an agility class … I’m not sure what that is but I think I would love that!

I share residency between two of the Canines 4 Comfort founders and enjoy the opportunities to learn from them and their personal dogs. I am proud to be a service dog in training. I enjoy visiting my friends at the nursing home and love having the residents hold me on their laps. Because I am so good natured, as a very young pup I volunteered at an event where families visited Santa and I was amazing with the children! I’m a bit more petite than expected, and I love kids, so maybe I will be paired with a child? 

My dreams have come true! I have met the family that I will serve. My future owner and his children have experienced some rough patches, and I am the calming force to help them heal. 



My name is Lola and I am a Shiloh Shepherd. Canines 4 Comfort spent a number of months evaluating my potential as a service dog. The bad news is I am far too shy to be able to properly serve a handler in public, but the great news is the Canines 4 Comfort trainers allowed me to gain confidence in myself and taught me that cats can be my friends, so my owner reconsidered their decision to rehome me and I am back with them. Don’t you love happy endings?  



My name is Molly and I am a ten-month old bundle of energy also known as a Golden Retriever. My original owners felt I was too much dog for them, but Canines 4 Comfort says I’m just misunderstood. I love to play and play and play! With the help of Edy, Belle and Buddy, I am learning what it takes to be calm. I am participating earnestly in my obedience classes and respond well to all the praise and positive reinforcements I am being given. 

I love going for walks … I’ll even gather the end of the leash and try to walk myself! I appreciate a good bone or antler and I flip over tennis balls! I’m a bit too active to participate in therapy visits with the other dogs, and my attention span will prevent me from becoming a service dog, 

I am excited to be under the guidance of Canines 4 Comfort! I am grateful that the founders recognized my potential and are working with me to see that I achieve it. With their help, I became a well-behaved dog and have transitioned to my new home. 



My name is Salty, short for Salted Carmel. My mother’s name is Edy and me and my twelve (yes 12) litter-mates were all named different ice cream flavors. Vom Olsonhaus German Shepherds donated me to Canines 4 Comfort because of my sweet and gentle disposition. I am eleven months old but began my service dog training as a young pup. 

I have the great fortune of serving a Marine! We met when I was five months old and the connection was amazing. He has been very involved in my training and worked closely with Canines 4 Comfort to identify the service dog tasks that would be necessary for me to perform. Everyone made sure that what I was being taught was personalized to the needs of my future handler. I have successfully completed my initial obedience trainings and advanced quickly to the next levels. I am preparing to earn my Canine Good Citizen title soon. But even with all that hard work, I still find time to have fun! I love to play with the other Canines 4 Comfort dogs … it’s like a family reunion when we meet at dog training or the nursing home! 

I live with and was trained by one of the founders of Canines 4 Comfort. I am fortunate enough to spend weekends with my future owner/handler and he also works with me during obedience classes. The valuable time we spend together has bonded us nearly inseparable! 



I am Yowza and I am a German Shepherd. I am two years old and have accomplished so much! I am an active therapy dog for Canines 4 Comfort. I earned my Canine Good Citizen title, my IABACA International Championship,  and took Best in Breed at the Fall 2018 UKC show! You would think those would have been my proudest moments, but really giving people kisses at a Canines 4 Comfort fundraiser was the BEST!

I am a sweet girl with gentle eyes and love to be loved! I think I’m a lap dog and in a way I am. You see, I am co-owned by two founders from Canines 4 Comfort. One of the homes allows me to jump and lay on the furniture, where the other abides by “no dogs on the furniture” rules. Some might think that would confuse me, but I am very smart and adapt quickly to the rules in each home. Besides I’m smart enough to know that love isn’t found in a lap, it is in the hearts of the wonderful people I know.