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About Our Dogs



My name is Belle and I am a princess. I am a three-year old Golden Retriever and an active psychiatric service dog for one of our founding members. I perform tasks such as brace, break hands and know when there is a need for deep pressure therapy. I can sense when a panic attack or dizzy spell is approaching and alert my handler to leverage the resources needed to manage the situation. 



My name is Buddy. I am a mix of Border Collie and Flat Coat Retriever. My people say that I am 12 years old, but I act more like a teenager! I am our lead therapy dog and enjoy visiting places where I can bring comfort and joy. 

I enjoy making friends and volunteering at The Counseling Center of Grayslake. I am happiest when I am "working" or playing Frisbee. 



My name is Bama and came to Canines 4 Comfort by way of Roll Over Animal Rescue (ROAR). I am a Lab-Catahoula mix. I’ve been told I’m a very sweet boy. I love to play with my other dog friends, including my littermate Ella (I’ll bet you didn’t know we were related!) 

I am excited to to share that I now live with my boy Aidan and his family!! And we are both doing great!



My name is Dioge (D-O-G), Deej for short! I am a three-year old German Shepherd and enjoy my role as a therapy dog. I am owned by one the founders of Canines 4 Comfort and live with my German Shepherd siblings, Zora and Juno. I love to play Frisbee and chase a ball. But mostly I love my mama. 



My name is Edy. I’m a five-year old German Shepherd and mother to Salty, a Canines 4 Comfort service dog. I am an exceptional mother and great couch companion. I enjoy my work as a therapy dog, and have a tendency to make sure the younger dogs behave appropriately (it’s the mom in me!).  



My name is Ella and came to Canines 4 Comfort by way of Roll Over Animal Rescue (ROAR). I am a Catahoula mix. I have a very sweet disposition. While I love to play with my other dog friends, my dreams have come true! I met the young boy that I will serve. Stay tuned for future updates!



My name is Salty, short for Salted Carmel. My mother is Edy and Vom Olsonhaus German Shepherds donated me to Canines 4 Comfort because of my sweet and gentle disposition. I have the great fortune of serving a Marine! We met when I was five months old and the connection was amazing. I was trained by two of the founders of Canines 4 Comfort, and was the first graduating service dog team! 



My name is Yowza and I am a German Shepherd. I am two years old and have accomplished so much! I am an active therapy dog for Canines 4 Comfort. I am a sweet girl with gentle eyes and love to be loved! I am co-owned by two founders from Canines 4 Comfort. 



My name is Molly and I am a Maltipoo. I am a sweet girl who was selected specifically for my future mama. My small size and soft fur were necessary for accommodating  her physical ailments as well as her emotional needs. I visit her regularly and am looking forward to long stays as I work through my training. 



My name is Max and I a German Shepherd. My original family needed to find a different home for me when my newest sibling developed allergies. They sought out Canines 4 Comfort knowing I would be placed in a good home and would be helping someone. 

I am a very smart boy and have completed all my training. I have been visiting with my person regularly and can't wait to be with him full time! 



My name is Rosie. My mother is Belle and I was donated to Canines 4 Comfort by Dashagold Retrievers. I am being trained to serve a former police officer. I have a disposition similar to Belle ... sweet and chill. 



My name is Krieger, which means brave/warrior in German. I am a goldendoodle who was donated to Canines 4 Comfort by a breeder in Colorado. I have been paired to a veteran and can't wait to grow in my training!