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You’re changing our son's life



Our family began the search for a service dog for our son because we knew it would be an incredible tool for him. We weren’t sure where to start, but we found some places online that we looked into. We were disappointed because they were far away and very expensive. We were feeling pretty hopeless because we didn’t know how we would be able to find a service dog that would fit our family’s needs. 

Then we found Canines 4 Comfort! From the very first interaction with them, we felt hopeful and positive. Every person we spoke with was helpful and reassuring. Right away, we felt like we were part of a welcoming, warm family. 

We were invited to come to some trainings to see other service dogs in action. The trainings were amazing to watch! Our son was matched with a sweet, smart dog. Their bond formed immediately. Canines 4 Comfort has helped us with every step along the way. We are new to this whole thing, and everyone at C4C happily answers our questions. They are here every step of the way, making sure the transition with our new dog is a smooth one. We’re grateful that our relationship will continue even after we have our new dog at home with us! They are here to help with anything that comes up as we embark on this new journey. 

Thank you, friends at C4C! You’re changing our son’s life!

You’re hope when I have no hope



I feel like Canines 4 Comfort is saving my life. I’m so fortunate to have found you. You’ve been at my side through all of the process from the beginning and have gone above and beyond caring for me, listening, taking my and my family’s needs seriously. I’m quite a challenge and you’re up for the challenge. You have stressed “no guilt” and I feel it is truly a gift that I found you! I am amazing by all you do, how you do it and all your dedication. The donation is beyond extraordinary. You are a one in a million organization to help me find a one in a million dog! Your passion for helping others that need these dogs so badly, and me with my unique needs is just surreal to me. 

You’re hope when I have no hope. You are the light at the end of the tunnel that keeps me going, while I feel I’m living in a black hole. I would never be able to find the right dog without you … never. I’m grateful beyond any words I can find. C4C has given me personal attention like I’ve never experienced before. This organization is a miracle!

Another component to helping children


 As a former 8th grade English teacher for 32 years, I have seen the emotional toll our ever changing society has had on adolescents. Often times, these children were treated with various drugs which, instead of helping the child, only made the mind work against them and often their families. Canines 4 Comfort has shown me, on numerous levels and occasions, that there is another component to helping children who are suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lack of desire to excel in life. With the help of highly trained dogs, children are able to connect to their dog which will help them to begin the process of healing and move forward with their life without solely relying on drugs. It is truly an honor to be associated with such a wonderful group of people who care about the future of children and as well as adults in need. 

It's an amazing feeling



Being a puppy raiser for Canines 4 Comfort (C4C) has been such a rewarding experience for me and my household.   I first met Lisa, Daria and the dogs during one of their visits to Travanse Living in Grayslake.  I saw the faces on the residents light up when they would pet the dogs and I knew right then, that I had to get involved with this organization!  The next day I called  and asked how I can help, and three weeks later I started my new journey as a puppy raiser for C4C.  

Their mission aligns with my passion for animals and desire to live each day with a sense of purpose.  It’s an amazing feeling knowing the impact you have on the puppy’s development as a future service dog. I thought I would have a difficult time releasing my puppy when the time came, but seeing the interactions between the puppy and recipient melts my heart.

Being a puppy raiser has enriched my life! I’m proud to be a member of C4C and I look forward to the continued journey! 

The life of these dogs were spared!


  As a foster Mom for Roll Over Animal Rescue (ROAR) I have had the opportunity to share in the excitement of following a couple of the rescues through their obedience training.  These dogs are now well on their way to becoming a service dog for someone in need.  It is an honor to know that the life of these dogs were spared and they will be commissioned to bettering the life of a person.  

I'm not sure who saved who?


  The story of Sonny and Salty is particularly inspiring because of the life and joy it has brought back to Sonny. For me it warms my heart to see Sonny these days because while he has always made his community a better place, he is now able to enjoy his positive impact more. 

Thanks to Canines 4 Comfort for helping the guy who served his country with honor and has served his fellow man.  It is great to see the guy who always helps people get helped by someone else.     

I can already see the difference that Salty has made, and I couldn’t be happier. Big thank you to everyone at Canines 4 Comfort for connecting Sonny with his new best friend. As cliché as it sounds, I’m not sure who saved who!